Wedding Photo Editing Services

Wedding photo editing is a tedious and time-consuming task that should be assigned to professionals only. Wedding photographers do their job very responsibly but wrinkles and spots on the faces of subjects, unsightly things in the background, inappropriate color balance etc. are something they can’t avoid. But yes, these things can be corrected post photography. Professional photo editors perform tasks like blemish removal, skin enhancement, background retouching and color balancing to make these photos look spectacular.

You can rely on for top-notch quality wedding and events photo retouching services. We have a completely online process of outsourcing photo edit jobs to us. Besides, we offer free samples as well. Our qualified and experienced graphic artists have delivered several projects successfully and have sound knowledge of photo editing applications and practices.

Here's what we offer in Wedding Photo Editing Services
  1. White balance, exposure correction
  2. Skin tone fixing, face wrinkles removal
  3. Remove & add object/People, removing & changing background
  4. Culling & color correction services
  5. Clothes adjustment/wrinkles removal
  6. Photoshop composite and manipulation
  7. Make-up adjustment, stray hair removal
  8. Teeth whitening, eye bag fixing, red-eye effect removal
  9. Clothes smoothen
  10. Following the client's style
Wedding Photo Editing Example
Wedding Photo Retouching Example
Wedding Photo Editing Example
Wedding Photo Editing Example
Wedding Photo Editing Example
Wedding Photo Editing Example
Wedding Photo Editing Services

What all our wedding and events photo editing involves?

  • Culling

    Wedding photographers shoot multiple pictures of a single scene to get the best photo. The professionals at view all the photos carefully and select the best ones for final compilation.

  • Minor Adjustments

    Under this stage of editing, we take care of color balance, brightness adjustment, blur removal etc. Minor skin flaws are also removed here.

  • Major Corrections

    Here, we pay attention to big issues like wrinkles, disheveled hair, adding or removing objects or people. We also replace backgrounds if necessary.

  • Special Treatment of Bride & Groom

    When it comes to wedding photos, bride and groom are the key people. Keeping that in mind, we retouch their photos with special care. If needed, we apply makeup to their faces and reshape their bodies or facial features.

"Let us retouch your photos & see them turning into mesmerizing photos"

What makes us a reliable wedding photo editing partner?

  • Great Team of photo Retouchers

    We have a separate team of photo editors that work exclusively on photos of weddings and other such events. All the graphic artists in this team are well-trained in all photo retouching techniques and tools. They keep themselves updated with all the latest practices of the industry and never fail in delivering excellence.

  • Short Turnarounds

    Our robust team has 40+ professional photo editors which ensure all projects are delivered in a timely fashion. As soon as we get a query, we share the project details with our team and they tell us probable delivery time for the same. And that time is communicated to the clients as the deadline for the project. We never let the project duration go beyond that deadline. Usually, we don’t take more than 24 hours in completing the project.

  • Unlimited Revision Policy

    Our unlimited revision policy comes for free. that means you don't have to pay extra to get that cover. Under this policy, we confer a right upon the clients to ask us to rework on the photos unless they are satisfied with them. It makes certain that our clients get full value for their money spent on editing.

  • Special Stylization

    We make good use of effects like monochrome, vintage, collage, and movie style to spice up your wedding album. These effects shouldn’t be applied to all photos but applying them to some selected photos can certainly add to the charm.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Despite our high quality, we never charge exorbitantly from our clients. Our wedding and events photo retouching services are available at very affordable prices. Besides, if you are a photo studio, you can avail our bulk discounts and enjoy great economy.

  • Constant Client Support

    In an endeavor to provide the best experience to our clients, our client support team works 24X7. They provide information about all our packages and ongoing projects we undertake. You can reach us anytime to know about the progress of your outsourced project or discuss new ones.

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