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When clipping path with the Pen Tool, attention to details is necessary. All the flaws in the photo came out of the imperfect selection of the isolated part draw attention when it's placed on a transparent or white background. Besides, retaining the realistic look of the photo is also imperative. Clipping path specialists staffed with us understand how important it is to clip path with utmost accuracy.

Why we never fail to create absolutely accurate clipping paths?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. We have trained and seasoned graphic editors who draw clipping paths manually. Hand-made clipping paths are what make selection perfect. Our team never uses automated programs meant to clip paths from photos. Moreover, we have invested in the most innovative and efficient photo editing programs. Whether it's a basic clipping path job or one with multi paths to be selected, we can deliver brilliant results within just a few hours just you need to outsource photo clipping path work to OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com.

Clipping Examples with nodes
Offshore Clipping Path Service
  1. Cut out of photo for eCommerce website
  2. Photoshop clipping paths
  3. Perfect and precise clipping
  4. Used to make a sharp edge of the picture
  5. Clipping to modify the background in a different colour
  6. Colour correction for an image using multiple clipping paths

Applications of Clipping Path

  1. Photo Retouching
  2. When graphic artists have to give a particular effect to a certain part of the photo, they usually go for clipping path. Apart from photo retouching, clipping path is also required in old photo restoration.

  3. Background Removal
  4. Sometimes subjects in a photo have to be placed on different backgrounds. In such a situation the first thing required is to remove the existing background. Clipping path is the most effective way for background removal.

  5. Neck Joint and Ghost Mannequin
  6. Apparel manufactures and e-commerce stores have a constant requirement of ghost mannequin and neck joint services. Both these services start with clipping paths. Accuracy matters a lot when clipping paths for apparels.

  7. Color Correction
  8. Online stores have to display all the color variants of their products. Most e-commerce businesses choose to use the retouched version of their product photos over shooting each variant separately. Clipping path is necessary here as well.

  9. Why Clipping Paths are Important for E-commerce Businesses?
  10. In the sphere of photo editing, clipping path services are the most demanded ones. The credit goes entirely to the e-commerce sector. E-commerce businesses have to place products on various backgrounds as per varied requirements like online stores' specifications, promotional brochures, and online and offline ads. Most e-commerce concerns prefer to keep clipped paths of the products with them so that they can use them whenever the need arises.

Our Clipping Path Services Categories

  1. Simple Clipping Path
  2. Medium Clipping Path
  3. Complex Clipping Path
  4. Multiple Clipping Path

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