Headshot Retouching Service

For those who are looking for professional headshot retouching services, we have a lot to offer. We introduce ourselves as OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com, a reputed name in the global photo editing industry. We have been providing high-quality headshot enhancing services for over 7 years to our global clientele that includes photographers, studios, actors, models, model coordinating agencies, and fashion magazines. Some individuals willing to make it big in social media are also on our client list.

People want their headshots to be extremely attractive and hire the best photographers for the same. But even after working with great care, photographers can’t come up with photos that are absolutely perfect. They can’t keep wrinkles, blemishes, and background imperfections to show in the photos. That’s why headshot retouching becomes imperative. If you are a professional photographer searching for some good headshot retouching services, your search ends right here. We can treat your headshots with services like skin imperfection removal, background replacement, stray hair retouching etc.

The biggest challenge in headshot retouching is retaining the natural look of the photo. Beginners can make the skin of the subject look like plastic. But our professional headshot retouchers work scrupulously on all areas of the photo keeping in mind that the naturality stays intact. Besides, they also make sure that all projects we undertake are delivered before agreed deadlines. And all this comes at very competitive prices. So, you search for a good headshot retouching partner ends right here.

Perfect and Natural Headshot Retouching
  1. Skin Improvements like Wrinkle, Tan, Spot & Blemish Removal
  2. White balance, Exposure correction
  3. Color and Brightness Adjustment
  4. Red-eye Removal, Teeth Whitening, Stray Hair Removal & other Facial Feature Enhancements
  5. Skin Tone Airbrushing
  6. Background Removal or Replacement
  7. Following the Client's Style
Headshot Retouch Sample
Headshot Retouch Sample
Headshot Retouch Sample
Headshot Retouch Sample
Portrait Retouching Service
New Born baby headshot retouch

What we do in headshot editing?

  • Color Adjustment

    Though all types of pictures need color correction, headshots require it essentially. Our headshot post-processing includes color enhancement as the main task. When our graphic artists work on colors, they make use of the most appropriate shades and tints to create exceptionally elegant photos.

  • Skin Retouching

    Here we try to eliminate all visible skin flaws like acne and blemishes. The appearance of skin matters a lot in a headshot portrait. After getting rid of skin marks and zits, we work on making skin look smoother. But here we take great care that the skin looks absolutely natural. However, if our clients don’t want us to correct such imperfections for sake of naturality, they have to tell us while assigning the job. In such a situation, we leave it untouched and pay attention to other things.

  • Wrinkle Removal

    Here comes yet another skin correction task. Being a skin related work, it needs to be done very meticulously. Overdoing the skin work can make the subject look like a lifeless doll. That’s why only seasoned professionals like us can perform it seamlessly. We invest a great deal of time when removing wrinkles from a portrait so that the final outcome looks natural and stunning.

  • Teeth Whitening

    Yellow and dull teeth can cause photos of even the most good-looking people look unseemly. But just like skin enhancement, teeth whitening is also a very challenging task. However, our photo editors have years of experience in it and their adroitness is unparalleled. Along with whitening teeth, we add shine as well which makes the smiles of the subjects just winsome.

  • Hair Retouching

    Disheveled hair looks horrible and should not be adjusted with at any cost. That fly-away, stray hair can overshadow all the charm of the photo. We, at OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com, deal with it very carefully and transform it into a nice hairstyle. The professionals working with us make hair look shiny and healthy to render a brilliant overall look to the headshot.

  • Makeup Application

    Sometimes the makeup of subjects is not proper and that reflects in photos as a major drawback. Such situations call for virtual makeup application which can be left only to professionals. Our team applies makeup in such a manner that it adds only elegance, not fakeness. While applying makeup, the focus is not concealing the visible flaws in the skin and highlighting the prominent features.

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