Vector Conversion Services

Making use of low-quality graphics in business is no less than a sin. Many times, businesses want to use an image but the poor quality of the picture renders it imperfect for that particular purpose. Vectorization of such pictures can eliminate the issue forever. Bitmap images are made of pixels which make the image pixelated when enlarged. But vector images are created with mathematical commands and never lose quality irrespective of to which level they are enlarged.

Some of the most popular bitmap graphics formats are JPEG, PNG, and PSD while the most popular vector formats are SVG, EPS, AI, and PDF. We can convert raster to vector accurately and shortly. Our vector conversion services have provided many businesses the convenience of having high-quality vector images that can be used on a visiting card to a roadside banner alike.

Image to vector Conversion
Raster to vector conversion

How we provide matchless vector conversion services?

  1. Completely Manual Tracing
  2. Each and every single line in the graphic we receive for vectorization is traced by our professionals by hands. We hate automated processes and always trace images manually.

  3. Sub-pixel Accuracy
  4. While image to vector conversion, we meticulously trace even the tiniest details in images. It helps us in recreating a vector image with no iota of details lost in the process.

  5. Appropriate Nodes
  6. Our specialists use nodes at appropriate points and trace the image precisely pixel by pixel. Using less or more than the required nodes always lead to distorted details of the image.

Vectorization services are need of the hour for many purposes
  1. Printing & Embroidery
  2. Having vector files for artwork to be printed or embroidered can bring in a lot of convenience in your workflow. It can remove many pre-print hassles and considerably shorten your turnarounds.

  3. Logos
  4. A logo is something that represents your brand on almost all types of platforms, be it your stationery, social media, or advertising channels. Only a vector logo can be used on such varied platforms.

  5. Graphic Design
  6. If you are into graphic design, nobody can know the importance of imagery more than you. Graphic designers can keep vector files of their designs to reuse later.

Not just conversion, we love creating too

We don't just enjoy converting raster to vector, we also undertake vector image creation projects and work on them meticulously to deliver excellent pictures that perfectly suit the very purpose of their creation.

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