Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry retouching entails modifying Jewelry photos by adding shine, changing stone colors, accentuating designing details, removing blemishes and such other tasks. Jewelry sellers, especially online sellers, hire experienced photographers for their Jewelry shoots to get best possible shots. Profession photographers put their heart and soul into each photography assignment to bring magnificent results but all professionals have their limitations. Some factors are beyond the control of photographers; low shine and luster, flash reflections, vague details of design, and background flaws are just to name a few. To remove these imperfections in a flawless manner, you need to hire qualified professionals providing high-quality Jewelry photo retouching services. can be your next Jewelry photo retouching outsourcing partner. We are a robust team of trained and seasoned image editors who have been providing Jewelry image editing services for over 7 years. We understand how difficult is to persuade online shoppers to buy Jewelry products and what role do Jewelry photos play in it. That’s why we turn each Jewelry photo into a captivation piece of art by utilizing our profound knowledge and state-of-the-art image editing applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Jewelry unedited
Jewelry Retouched

Here's What We Offer in Wedding Photo Editing Services

  1. Remove dust and scratches to ensure that the jewelry pieces in the images look spotless
  2. Deleting defects
  3. Shine enhancement
  4. Color correction in a magnificent manner
  5. Diamond polishing
  6. Re-coloring of gold and silver
  7. Reflection and shadow effect
  8. Following the client's style
Jewelry Photo Retouching
Jewelry Photo Retouching Service
Jewelry Photo Retouch

Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services comprise:

  • Color Correction

    Jewelry photos need to have a perfect color balance to depict the showcased product impeccably. Our experts correct colors in a magnificent manner and add a new appeal to Jewelry photos.

  • Blemish Removal

    Blemishes and spots can spoil photos absolutely. While retouching, we take great care that all blemishes are removed from images.

  • Background Retouching

    If there are any unwanted elements in the background or some sort of imperfections, we can manage them to create a stunning picture. If required, we can even replace the entire background of an image with a better suitable one.

  • Contrast Adjustment

    The luster of metals and shine of stones make it imperative for image editors to adjust contrast of Jewelry photos. Contrast adjustment enhances the overall appeal of an image significantly.

  • Shine Augmentation

    Both metal and stones in Jewelry pieces look more captivating when they emit shine. Our professional Jewelry retouchers add shine to Jewelry pieces while preserving the natural look of the photos.

  • Deleting Defects

    In case, the photographed pieces of Jewelry have any defects and you don't want them to appear in the final photos, we can remove them without leaving any traces.

" will help you present your products in the highest possible quality in your online store or on your website."

Why for Jewelry Photo Editing Services?

There are many reasons that make it a smart decision for Jewelry e-stores to team up with us for Jewelry photo retouching. Take a look:-

  • We hold great experience

    With over 7 years of experience in photo editing, we have made a distinct recognition in the industry. The quality of our services is unmatched. Businesses who have taken Jewelry retouching services from us can vouch for us any time. One more fact that proves the brilliant quality of our photo retouching services is around 80% of our clients are repeat clients.

  • Our photo editors are awesome

    Training and experience mean nothing when professionals lack the will to excel. In order to provide exceptional services, our image retouchers stay updated with all the latest technologies and practices to deliver services that match the contemporary standards.

  • We keep affordable pricing & offer bulk discounts

    When it comes to pricing, we are just matchless. Having profound knowledge of all practices, techniques, and tools related to photo editing, we know how to deliver excellent quality at competitive costs. Moreover, if you have a big order to place, you can contact our team to know about discounts you stand eligible for.

  • Our team understands value of time

    Our average turnaround time is 24 hours which can sometimes be affected by the volume and the complexity level of the project undertaken. However, at the time generate a quote, we also communicate the turnaround time. In case, you want it to be done quicker, you can talk to our team any time before placing the order.

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