Shadow and Mirror Reflection Effects

Shadow follows light whether it is a person's shadow or product's shadow in photography. Shadow on a smooth surface makes the photo look more realistic and attractive. Mirror reflection effect can also enhance the look of an photo. In simpler words, a mirror reflection of a product in photography means using a duplicate photo of the product and placing it as a reflection thereof, usually beneath the product.

We are always there to help you with Mirror Reflection & Shadow Effects

Our graphic artists can give any kinds of shadow effects (drop shadow, natural shadow, cast shadow, or floating shadow) or mirror reflection effect professionally which cannot be achieved through mere photography.

Here at, you will get proficient services of reflection and shadow effects on product photos. Our graphic designers can create shadow or reflection of any product in e-commerce photos, advertising photos, and commercial photos.

Why use shadow and reflection effects?
Shoes original
Shoes modified

If you have two pictures of the same product where the first is very artless without any editing and the other one is edited very attractive with reflection effect and an elegant look on , which picture will you see repeatedly? Everybody knows the answer. The latter one, because of the beautiful effects in it! This is the secret mantra for advertising products successfully. These days many entrepreneurs who want to make their product attractive and eye-catching opt for shadow and mirror reflection techniques.

There are different variants of shadow effect services available at

  1. Drop Shadow Effect:-

    This is a very simple shadow effect with a constant angle and clearness to differentiate an photo from the background.

  2. Original Shadow Effect:-

    It uses original shadow which photograph has, just to give a sense of depth in it.

  3. Realistic Shadow Effect:-

    This effect comprises of intensity, position light strength, and consideration, which makes it a complex shadow effect.

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