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We are an online photo editing outsourcing company and we enjoy working with businesses from different parts of the world without any geographical restrictions. With our strong online presence in countries including the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia, we are successfully serving photographers and e-commerce stores from all over the world. Photo editing has always been pivotal for photographers and photo studios and in last few years, it has emerged as an imperative need for e-commerce companies as well.

Businesses that have frequent requirement of image editing have to partner with photo editing companies that offer professional services at competitive prices. Being a renowned photo editing company, we have solution for all photo editing requirements ranging from simple cut-out to most complicated retouching. Go for professional photo editing and make a striking impression.

Professional Photo Editing

Photo editing is the essential next step to a photoshoot. Whether personal or commercial, no pictures go online before some retouching. Just like every individual customer, every business has a distinct set of requirements regarding photos. Only professional photo editing services can cater to those specific needs or concept.

  • Ghost Mannequin

    Let your shoppers imagine how would the promoted garments look after being worn. You can't leave that impression with apparels shot hanging or lying down.

  • E-commerce Product Image Editing

    E-commerce product image editing helps businesses present their products in an impressive fashion and raise prospects of conversion.

  • Background Removal

    If you want your customers to focus exclusively on the products, present your products without distracting backgrounds with professional background removal.

  • Furniture Photo Editing

    Our photo editors deliver clear, detailed, and attractive furniture photos that attract higher traffic and generates more leads for furniture manufacturers and retailers.

  • Real Estate Image Editing

    Let our image editors enhance real estate images by removing color casts, adjusting white balance etc. to encourage potential real estate buyers to buy your properties.

Mannequin Ghost Photo Editing
Mannequin Photo Editing

Easy to start using our services, in just 5 simple steps


Send a few unedited images to our email with instructions


Receive the quote with samples & decide the next move


WeTransfer, Dropbox, FTP or any for file transmission system


We process received images, do QC before sending to customer


Will email to download the work. If any contact by Email, WA & Phone


Our photo editing company specializes in the following areas

Deep Etching
& Clipping Paths

For Online Store

Ebay Amazon image Editing Example Fashion, Apparel, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Jewelry, Accessories and Many More...
Photo editing services online

"Let us retouch your photos & see them turning into mesmerizing photos"

How OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com differs from other photo editing outsourcing company

OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com team works dedicatedly and deliver flawless processed photos before they hit the e-commerce platforms. Photos processed by us look stunning and display details in a clear manner. This process of perfection involves a number of editing jobs which require a high level of experience, an extremely meticulous approach, and above all, professional dexterity. We have it all!

Fortunately, digital photos can be retouched immensely and we can transform them to the requirements of your business concept. Our professionals work on your images unless they look perfect to you.

Who can benefit from our services?



You keep on conducting photo shoots and let us do the retouching. We will take care of all your post-processing needs and help you in maintaining a high level of creativity in your work.


Photo studios

So, you have bulk post-processing requirements but your staff is too busy to do it in-house. Don't worry, we are here to help you. Avail bulk discounts while enjoying top-notch quality retouching.



Add a spark of great visuals to your next design with stupendous pictures that are retouched to match the style of the concept. We offer effective services to web design, real estate, model coordinating agencies etc.


Online Shops

Our photo editors have sound knowledge of image requirements of various marketplaces and online stores. Avail our superior product photo editing services and speed up your expansion.


Graphic Artist

Nothing can restrict the creativity of a graphic designer more than poor quality photos. We have exclusive packages for graphic designers which are defined to provide utmost assistance.

“OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com will help you present your products in the highest possible quality in your online store or on your website.”

E-commerce Image Editing

Power-packed solutions for online sellers

✔ Achieve unmatched resplendence on webshops

We can help you narrate your story to your target audience the most effective way by recreating striking e-commerce photos that showcase all details of the product crisply and clearly. Our image editors can understand your precise image requirements and deliver exactly what you want.

Get ready to be a strong marketplace player

✔ We understand what marketplaces want

For those who are selling products through marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com can provide you with impressive product images that match the guidelines perfectly and increase your sales considerably. Product photo editing services offered by OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com include size and cropping, background removal, and color correction as the prime jobs.

We improve your photo

Photo editing guidelines for online marketplace




Proprietary Webshops (Recommendations)

Image Dimensions

Minimum 1000px on the shortest side and maximum 10000px on the longest side

Minimum 500px on the shortest side and maximum 9000px on the longest side

Ideal size here would be around 800-1600px on the longest side

Frame Coverage

At least 85%


Over 80% so that product details are displayed boldly

Background Color

Pure white (RGB 255,255,255)

Background should be in solid color ranging from pure white to light gray

Pure white color is recommended here, it lets the details display clearly


Not allowed

Not allowed

Not recommended, it reduces the frame area

Text, Watermarks, & Logos

Not allowed

Not allowed

For uniqueness or copyright issues, proprietary online stores can go for such things.

Maximum File Size



Maximum 10MB is suggested as higher file size can affect the loading speed of the website

Accepted Formats



Formats we suggest are JPEG, PNG, and GIF for good compatibility with various platforms and technologies

Shadows & Reflections

Shadows or reflections are not allowed

Light shadows are allowed but not mirror reflections

Either can go if store deems fit, such effects add life to products

"Let us retouch your photos & see them turning into mesmerizing photos"

Benefits of Working with OutsourceThePhotoEdit.com

About OutsourceThePhotEdit

We are assisting businesses in need for image editing services for last 10 years and so far, we have built strong relations with photographers, e-commerce stores, fashion houses, publishers, etc. We started as an outsourcing image editing agency and today we offer an extensive range of photo editing services to business all across the globe.

Whether it’s a basic editing job or a highly complicated one, whether you have a single image or a bulk project, our seasoned photo editors are ready to edit it at affordable prices. Our aim is to take the editing workload off your shoulders and make it economical for you.

Why Teaming Up with Us is a Smart Decision

Serving Globally as a Photo Editing Outsourcing Agency

  • The USA
  • USA FlagThe majority of our clientele comes from the USA. The cities we presently have professional relations are New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, and Seattle.

    Our expertise in image editing reflects in the testimonials and reviews our American clients have written for us. You can find them on our website and Facebook page.

  • The UK
  • UK FlagMany e-commerce businesses and photographers from the UK have been our clients right from the time we launched our operations in Europe. Presently, we are serving businesses from Lancaster, Liverpool

  • Germany
  • Germany FlagFrom fashion magazines to online sellers, we have worked with many German businesses and delivered fabulous results. Our clients in German states like Hamburg, Thuringia….. have always put trust in our services.

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Australia and New Zealand FlagPhotographers in Australia and New Zealand can contact us anytime for photo editing packages defined as per their needs. Our team covers entire countries and provide unmatched services in Perth, Darwin

  • Canada
  • Canada FlagBusinesses in Canada are very particular about the quality and we take pride in telling our image editors have matched their expectations. There are many clients in Vancouver, Ottawa…… who trust us for all their photo editing needs.

  • France
  • France FlagFrance is considered the fashion hub of the world and photo image requirements are imperative to exist in such a country. Many photographers and fashion houses from Limousin, Centre…… have teamed up with us for world-class photo retouching.

  • Netherlands
  • Netherlands FlagNetherlands offer an attractive market to international sellers, especially to those who are looking to take their eCommerce. The biggest online stores are Wehkamp.nl, Bol.com, Zalando, Coolblue, H&M, Hema and Thuisbezorgd.nl.

  • Europe
  • Europe FlagOur proficiency in photo editing has gained us some very valuable clients from different European countries including Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium …… It’s been more than 10 years our team is providing services that match international quality standards.

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