Photo Masking Service

Vague details of the subject of an photo, especially at the edges, have the ability to make the photo look inferior. And if the photo is a product photo, ill-defined product not just affects the sales graph, but the brand photo as well. That's why today's businesses don't deter from investing in photo masking services.

Photo masking services have the power to display every single strand of hair in your picture with complete accuracy. Things like hair, fur, and threads are difficult to isolate from an photo but photo masking technique can be used to separate the intended part from a picture precisely.

Girl hairs masking
What photos require photo masking services? has a long history of providing hair masking services to e-commerce stores, photography studios, wildlife photographers, fashion magazines etc. Take a look at the types of photos we have provided this service for.

  1. Photos having subjects with blunt or vague edges like hair or fur
  2. Fuzzy edge or lower opacity outside like hair or any fur
  3. Photos having subjects with transparency or translucency like glass or flimsy clothing materia
  4. Product images with a product that has shine on the surface, where shine hides the details
  5. Photos with a diversified background like a landscape photo where a lot of things like trees, mountains, sky, birds, etc. are to be retouched
Why prefer photo masking over clipping path?

Though both the techniques, clipping path and photo masking, are used to isolate a certain part from an photo, photo masking offers some brilliant benefits. Take a look.

  1. The original photo remains unchanged
  2. You can separate any part of the photos, no matter how complicated it may be
  3. If the photo has any transparency, it can be retained without any changes
  4. It can be used to accurately remove entire backgrounds or any parts thereof from photos
  5. Photo masking helps to create ads, banners etc. using hazy substances like smoke or cloud
Our professionals can execute any types of photo masking processes

The graphic artists staffed with us use the most efficient applications and follow the best contemporary practices to carry out jobs. Here are the masking processes they are expert in.

  1. Alpha Channel Masking
  2. Clipping Mask Creation
  3. Complex Layer Masking
  4. Transparent Masking
  5. Collage Masking
  6. Edge Refine Masking Service
  7. Translucent or Transparent Object Masking Service
  8. All types of Color Masking Service

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