Ghost Mannequin Services

Hollow man montage services, also known as ghost mannequin effect, is used to remove mannequins from apparel photos and blending the front part with the internal part that usually has a label. In this service, graphic artists require two photos, one with the apparel on a mannequin and other without mannequin so that the part with the label is clearly visible.

Blending two photos with a clueless impression is a complex task. We can help you here. Just give us a few photos as samples and experience the spell we cast. You can try our ghost mannequin services for free. And along with that comes an assurance that your data is absolutely safe and secure with us.

Why hollow man montage services?

Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin Effect

Generally, these services are used by e-commerce businesses who have to showcase their products in the most appealing fashion. Sometimes, such photos are also required for advertising purposes. Here's why apparel manufacturers and vendors go for it.

  1. It adds life to the garments. Photos that showcase such vibrant products have a high conversion rate.
  2. Taking these services means you don't need to hire models. This saves a lot of money.
  3. Ghost mannequin photos allow you to display label; it means the promotion of the brand goes alongside.
  4. You can also utilize this service for creating 360-degree photos of products. It gives a better idea of the overall appearance of apparels.
  5. 2D joint, 3D or 360 degree joint
  6. Sleeves joint, bottom joint
  7. Watch wrist combination
  8. Scarf neck combination
Give Spectacular and Informative 3D effect to your garments

We can create an eye-catching 3D photo of your hollow man montage pictures. Such 3D photos provide a chance for your prospective buyers to have a better look at the apparel and make a more informed decision. And it's not just about higher sales, your brand photo will also grow with such innovative moves.

Ghost Mannequin Invisble
Ghost Mannequin Photoshop
Invest in our ghost mannequin services for improved conversion rate

Gone are the days when quality could be expected only at high prices. Today, technological advancements are making it possible for service providers to offer top-notch quality services at reasonable prices. is in the field of photo editing for over 8 years and our team knows all the possible ways that can provide superior output at minimum costs.

The pictures we process are detailed and informative which lay a brilliant impression on prospective customers and help our clients in getting a way higher conversion rate. Online shoppers want to be aware of all physical aspects of the products they place orders for and only good quality photos can show that clearly.

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